Flash-SWF to AVI GIF Converter 2.013

Flash-SWF to AVI GIF Converter 2.013

Flash-SWF to AVI/GIF Converter: Flash/SWF files, to web AVI or GIF formats
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Flash-SWF to AVI/GIF Converter is a useful application for converting video or animation files created as Macromedia Flash/SWF format, to more practical AVI or GIF formats for web pages.
The program is easy to use, it can crop frames, create animated GIF files, capture individual frames, change the FPS rate and the frames size, remove frames, etc. It can convert Flash videos to animated GIF files or AVI format documents. DivX supported.

This small application enables user to capture and later crop frames, as well as setting the capture rate, up to forty frames per second. The user interface is very simple and easy to understand and use.

The user selects the starting frame at the original Flash/SWF file and the application gets (captures) all the following frames down to the end of the presentation or movie, unless the user selects an ending frame for the capture.
The program allows changing the Brightness, Rate and Size for the output result file.

The application enables users to select conversion quality rate. The frames capture can go as high as 100 frames per minute. Every time a user starts a conversion, the application opens the corresponding web page.

The program enables the user to capture frames manually ('step-frame'), while advancing the Flash-SWF file on the available flash device.

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  • It saves output files as AVI, GIF or MP3 formats


  • Help file is a little poor for this application. When converting to AVI format, the application doesn't capture sound


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